Hosted Phone System/Hosted PBX

Do you have an antiquated phone system?  Do you need to add more phone lines, extensions or work stations?

A hosted phone system is also known as a VoIP (voice over internet protocol), PBX (private branch exchange) or hosted PBX and can free business owners from having to invest in costly equipment to have a complex phone system.

A cloud hosted phone system can offer small to medium size businesses a phone system that offers the flexibility to including all of the following:
•Automated greetings,
•Conference calling features
•Touchtone menus
•Connecting to mobile devices
•Adding phone lines
•Adding extensions

Making the switch to a cloud hosted phone system can free both monetary and people resources. A hosted telephone system uses an internet connection to deliver telecommunications to clients.

Businesses using a virtual phone system no longer have to dedicate staff, time and financial resources to keeping an on-site phone system maintained. The maintenance of a hosted phone system is managed by our team at Complete Communications at an off-site location. Another benefit to using an internet based phone system for business is the reduction in down time for maintenance, repairs and updates. The cloud system can be maintained without interruption to the business’ communication system.

Creating the best VoIP phone service for small business takes careful planning and listening. When we work with clients we take inventory of their current needs as well as future growth plans for their telecommunication system. We may consider future expansion into additional buildings and future locations as part of our recommendations for the best hosted VoIP systems.

With changes happening in the workforce between flex scheduling, home office environments and employees working in the field, a cloud based telecommunications system will offer flexibility so phone calls will get answered and less interruption will happen. Local numbers can be established and calls can be easily routed from the traditional office phone line to an employee’s mobile phone line without the caller even knowing it.

A hosted phone system is a win-win opportunity for any business. With an internet based phone service cash flow can be increased as there is no longer a need to tie up financial resources in purchasing additional cabling, wiring and personnel resources to re-wire and add phone lines. As a business grows, the cloud hosted phone system can easily accommodate the growth. This type of phone system offers a web based interface so monitoring and making changes can easily be done.

If your business is growth oriented, you wish to improve your telephone system or you want to make changes to your telecommunications structure (adding new phone lines, add home office line(s), create additional phone numbers) we invite you to call us at 407.512.5086. At Complete Communications we create customer-focused solutions to save you time, money and talent. Call us today for a free consultation and let us make your telephone communication system clearer.