At Complete Communications we offer three types of sales partners:

  • Referral Partners
  • Independent Agents
  • Managed Service Providers/IT Companies/VAR’s

Referral Partners
If you are looking for a partner to exchange business to business leads then we invite you to call us and become part of our referral partner program. For each referral you send that turns into a Complete Communications customer you will earn a commission. It’s that easy! Our referral program does not require you to have knowledge about the telecommunications industry. Simply send us your referrals and if they become a customer you earn a commission. It’s that simple!

Independent Agents
Are you an independent telecommunications agent looking to expand carrier options for your customers? As a Master Agent, we offer a competitive independent agent program to help you sell telecommunication network services. We offer the widest selection of carriers and support from leading experts. We offer stability and high commissions and as a result, we attract the highest independent agents in the industry. Getting started with our independent agent’s program is easy, give us a call today and let’s get started!

Managed Service Providers / IT Companies / VAR’s
We offer business partner services so you don’t have to be the master of all! Over the years we have built a solid foundation by partnering with IT service providers. Telephone system dealers and IT Integrators are an integral part of our client focused solutions. Selling a deeper portfolio of products and services may require partnering with dealers who offer solutions that take clients through the life cycle of their business growth. We offer support from the beginning to the end, from network design, implementation and ongoing installation. We offer continued support and work directly with you so your customers benefit from quality connectivity and uninterrupted service.

Ask about being a Partner Today!


For more information on how to become a Complete Communications’ partner please call our office at: 407.512.5086