Reduce your telecommunication expenses!

What is a telecommunications network?

The exchange of information electronically by all types of devices to include voice, data, and video. This network is also called a telecom network. The telecommunications industry is made up of telephone companies and internet service providers bundled to offer businesses the best communication means. Quality, efficiencies, and cost of maintaining traditional telephone calls have typically been the focus in the telecommunications industry. Thanks to the growth in network technology, telecom is increasingly focusing on text messaging, email and video streaming. As people want faster data the need for a better telecommunications system is almost mandatory for any business. High-speed internet access and the ability to deliver data over mobile networks is also highly desired by businesses.

At Complete Communications we offer a variety of telecommunication services including network cabling, wireless applications, video streaming, long distance carrier options and mobile connectivity. We have helped many businesses in the Central Florida area reduce their telecommunication expenses by closely looking at a variety of components including the carrier(s) they are currently using. Often times, clients continue to use the carrier merely because they have used them year after year and they don’t know where to begin to make a change nor do they know what to look for in their billing to understand if they are paying too much.


We work with a variety of carriers including Comcast, Tierpoint, Star2star, Rapidscale, Centurylink, AT&T, Spectrum, Verizon and several others. Each carrier offers different opportunities for high speed internet and competitive phone pricing. Our goal is to develop the best telecom plan for your business to accommodate growth and change while keeping your monthly costs at a minimum.

When we meet with clients we ask a variety of questions to understand the phone and internet needs as well as future growth needs. If a business owner has opened a new location and needs cabling, phone and internet connectivity we can offer these services. We have also helped businesses with expanding their telecommunication network to multiple locations.

For more information or to set up a consultation we invite you to call us at 407-512-5086. We offer a variety of services including:
•Cloud services
•Hosted phone services
•Telecommunication services

We look forward to talking with you about how we can reduce your costs and increase your data connectivity to enhance workflow and increase efficiencies.

Proudly serving all of Central Florida including Seminole, Orange, Lake and Volusia Counties. We also serve north and south Florida including Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.